Harmless Pests Still Cause Havoc in The Home

While some pests are not harmful they can quickly become a nuisance and wreak havoc on the home. Take the silverfish, for example. These silver-colored pests are nocturnal and extremely light-shy, and always scurrying away from people to find a hiding spot. You rarely see them until you quickly turn the lights on and watch them slide away. However, if you ask any professional in pest control Greenville NC residents should quickly seek to rid their home of these enemies.These wingless insects that like to populate our bathrooms, kitchens or laundry rooms. They prefer all places where it is nice and warm, dark, and high humidity prevails. And they have a long lifespan. These little creatures can live up to eight years or more.

A low number of silverfish won’t affect your own health, however, they do multiply. Females lay about twenty eggs in dark cracks or crevices, but it can take four months to a year for these eggs to reach full sexual maturity. So, if you’ve spotted silverfish in the home, it’s best to call out a professional before any metamorphosis occurs.

They Can Cause Damage

Silverfish are nocturnal, meaning they shy away from any kind of light. They seek their food in the dark. But what does this nightly search mean? They snack on just about anything that is lying around, and starchy or sugary food is preferred. Even worse, books, papers, and clothing are also on the menu. Items such as cotton, silk, plastics, linen and even leather are eaten.

And if nothing is eaten, these pests can survive longer periods of starvation of up to 300 days. Residents should also be aware that silverfish can contaminate food, and damage wallpaper. They can also generate increased humidity in living spaces, which promotes the formation of damp spots in the home. This attracts even more silverfish.

Getting Rid Of Silverfish

One preventive measure of keeping the home void of silverfish is by reduce the humidity in your home. Silver does not survive in very dry conditions, so reducing moisture in the home will prevent an infestation.

It is also easy to tell where silverfish are, because they are always near some “food.” They may want to starch, sugar, and proteins, so when it becomes dark in the home, stake out the kitchen, basement, and office areas. If silverfish are feeding within the home, you see signs like holes and other smaller insects with missing wings or legs. If they’ve gotten to your clothing, you will see round spots that appear yellowish.

And if you think that a particular part of the house is subject to infestation, clean all surfaces and floors thoroughly.

Many homeowners resort to laying Borax down, but keep in mind, this is a poison that can harm humans and animals. Additionally, even if you’re using Borax, that won’t protect clothing or shelved books. It’s best to consult with a pest management professional to evaluate the best options to meet your needs.