Radiant Heat and the Benefits of Installing It

Radiant heat is a form of heating where hot water runs through tubes or electrical heat in the floor, walls or ceiling using coils. It is an energy efficient system that lowers the electricity bill by 25 to 50 percent.

This type of heat is silent when working. There are no creaking floorboards or the sounds of air moving through the vents. Air does not blow into the room causing drafts and the chills. Radiant heat improves allergies not kicking up dirt and bacteria for people to breathe in.

The panels are easy to install in new and old homes, or buildings. The heat mats go easily floors, and panels in walls and ceilings. With radiant heat, the consumer does not need vents or ducts. It can be used with other heat sources as an additional source of heat.

Radiant heat can offer heating or cooling and works in a convection manner. It transmits the temperature to the objects and, people in the room. This type of heat is invisible and safe leaving the walls and structures intact.

Type of Radiant Floor Heating Systems

One type of radiant floor system uses a network of cables installed beneath the floor. It is electric radiant heating. Electricity heats the cables, and the cables heat the floor. These cables are installed between the floor and subfloor.

Electric radiant heat is effective for heating one or two rooms like the bedroom or family room. It is designed for supplemental heating of an area that is generally chilly or cooling a heard that is hot. It is very effective for heating the floor and is a luxury service.

Electric radiant heat uses heating cables that are embedded in plastic mats, it has a temperature sensor and thermostat. It is designed for a new floor or older one that consumers want to add some heat or cooling too. Hiring a qualified contractor for radiant heat flooring Centerville UT is important to have the proper system installed correctly.

Hydroponic radiant heating systems use a boiler, pump, fuel line, and panels that go beneath the floor. These systems are more complex. Many of the newer systems are designed to go into older and newer structures. A qualified contractor can help design the best flooring system for the customer’s needs. These hydroponic systems can efficiently heat the entire home.

The radiant heating system should have a yearly maintenance visit by the contractor that installed it. The pumps and boilers should be checked. Technicians can clean the pumps and check pressure valves. They can replace parts that wear out.

Radiant heat is suitable to be installed under ceramic tile in bathroom, kitchens, and other rooms. It can be installed under laminate floors, engineered wood flooring, and natural stone flooring. Under the floor heating is an eco-friendly way to heat the home. It has many health benefits too.

Hydroponic radiant heat circulates heated water in tubing beneath the floor. This circulates heating through the entire home and is very cost effective. It provides warmth and a consistent temperature. This is better for heating the entire home cost-effectively.