Reasons Why You Need a Professional Piano Mover

The piano is one of the most treasured and most prized music instruments for every music lover or musician. The thought of moving your piano can be daunting, let alone the real job of moving it. Every musician wants to be sure that their piano is moved whether they are on a musical tour or moving to a new business location. You might want to overlook the importance of hiring a professional mover, considering the additional costs. However, don’t make the mistake of moving your piano on your own or hiring any other mover for the job. You cannot afford to damage your piano in a bid to make your move as cheap as possible.

Every musician will admit that a piano is massive, and they come in an array of shapes. Therefore, pianos are not easy to move if it is a long distance or it involves stairs. You can be sure that you are risking not only your piano but also yourself because a piano can easily slip out of your hands and you will be chasing it down the stairs. However, professional movers have the necessary skills and workforce to carry the piano through the stairs. Also, a professional piano mover will use professional methods to make sure that the piano and the employees don’t get hurt during the moving process.

What most people don’t know is that not all moving trucks are fit to handle pianos; more so, heavy pianos. With the right piano mover, you are sure that your musical instrument will be moved by the right truck fitted with the appropriate fittings or equipment such as padding. The trucks have other equipment that protects it from damage in the event of accidents. The piano mover will also pack the piano inside a piano truck properly to protect it from injuries in case the car hits potholes on the road.

You might be thinking that you will save money by not hiring professional movers. Surprisingly, you might end up losing more money when you decide to move your piano without the help of a mover as opposed to investing in piano moving services Newport beach ca offers. Imagine a situation where you damage the piano strings, legs or pins and you will have to tune it again, which tends to be costly. However, when you hire a professional moving service, you save on tuning costs because the expert will handle your piano professionally.


Most musicians or music lovers don’t have insurance covers for their pianos. Also, some insurance companies don’t compensate for losses resulting from transportation or moving of pianos. Therefore, you want to be sure that your piano is protected even during your moving process. A professional piano mover has an insurance cover that covers for all losses that may occur when moving pianos from one location to another. Therefore, you are sure that even if the mover drops your piano or it gets lost during transportation, you will not suffer any losses.